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Hipseat Carrier 3 in 1 BabyLove  

Baby Carrier    Hipseat Carrier 3 in 1 BabyLove

    RM 65.00/unit              

3 IN 1 : Baby Hip seat + Carrier + Stool Only

Every part of the Hip Seat Carrier is designed to make mum and baby comfortable, from the 100% cotton outer shell which is less likely to cause irritation to Baby

When carrying your child a lot of stress is put on your lower back and arms leading to back problems. With this carrier all of your babies weight is evenly distributed to relieve stress on your lower back and maintain a well balanced posture.
Features :
- Evenly distributes your baby's weight on your body, reducing strain on your spine, shoulder and arm
- Material: Cotton + EPP (Hip Seat)
- More comfortable design for your baby as he/she is seated.
- Durable light weight material with soft padded foam for comfort.
- The seat is titled to help compensate for your child wight and to keep your child close to your body.
- Extreme Strength Buckle and Inner Support
- Fast & easy unlike other baby carriers you can carry and put down you baby in seconds.
- No more messy straps and buckles to deal with. Lift and carry, it's that easy.
- Suitable for children aged 3 months to 3 years (support up to 20 kg)
- Recommended baby carrier design and position to prevent Hip Dyslasia"

Color : pink, brown, red wine, lake blue

Pilihan Warna

Warna Status
Blue LakeAvailable
Red WineAvailable

Maklumat Harga

Kuantiti Diskaun Harga Remark
1 unit RM 0.00 RM 65.00
2 unit RM 10.00 RM 120.00

RM 65.00/unit


Info detail & Order via whatsApp
  sms/whatsApp HSC ke +6013-9512445


Hipseat Carrier 3 in 1 BabyLove - Photos  

Baby Carrier    Hipseat Carrier 3 in 1 BabyLove


Info detail & Order via whatsApp
  sms/whatsApp HSC ke +6013-9512445


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