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Single Electric Breast Pump with USB Port  

Breast Pump    Single Electric Breast Pump with USB Port
    RM 45.00/unit                

Motherhood is a miraculous journey with your little one. Babies and Mums share a truly amazing bond, and one bond strengthening moment is when you feed your baby.

A pump can be a very useful tool for mothers even if they intend to exclusively breastfeed their child.
It comes handy to both stay at home and working mums for many reasons like:
  •     It helps increase your milk supply by stimulating milk production.
  •     It helps feed premature baby or ones with latch on problem.
  •     Helps collect and store milk for later use.
  •     Helps relieve the pain and pressure of engorged breasts.


This portable and durable electric pump is what you need to have with you whether you are staying at home, on the job or traveling.

Your and your baby's safety is our first priority. That's why this breast pump is made from Polypropylene and Silicone material, it's absolutely free of bisphenol. It high-quality composition ensures that its heat resistant and very easy to clean.

This electric breast pump effectively drains the breast as 'Every Drop Counts' and it helps maintain an adequate breast milk supply. It comes with a BPA free feeding bottle for a safe hazard free feeding experience.

USB cable enables convenient power source.  

Not to be used by multiple users to ensure hygiene and avoid any potential risks/problems.

Materials and Composition:
  •     BPA-free
  •     High quality PP.
  •     Available in pink color.

Mode Details:
  •     Size: 150ml
  •     Rated voltage: 5V 1A
  •     Rated power: 3.6W
  •     Rated current: 600mA
  •     Rated frequency: 50Hz

Maklumat Harga

Kuantiti Diskaun Harga Remark
1 unit RM 0.00 RM 45.00 for 1 unit

RM 45.00/unit


• Price include postage by POSLAJU in MALAYSIA ONLY
• Postage on Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday at 12.00 pm every week.
• The information of the item is CONFIDENTIAL and INVISIBLE
• After payment, whatsApp detail to +6013-9512445 or +6019-5557050

1 unit = RM 45.00

Info detail & Order via whatsApp
  sms/whatsApp PMP ke +6013-951 2445


1 unit = RM 45.00

Info detail & Order via whatsApp
  sms/whatsApp PMP ke +6013-951 2445


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Double Electric Breast Pump with USB Port
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