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Mensive Hair Styling Pomade  

Mensive    Mensive Hair Styling Pomade

    RM 45.00/botol            

MENSIVE Pomade is created for men who understood the importance of maintaining a hansome hair in whatever they do, be it during work, sports or on a date. It is easy to apply and wash. Plus it leave no unwanted residue on your scalp.
Quantity: 150 gram
Scent: Ferragamo
  •     RO Water
  • Rolex Day Date Replica
  •     Glycerin
  •     K-200
  •     Fragrance
  •     Luviskol
  •     Emulgin
  •     Cremephor
  •     Cetiol He

Take small amount of MENSIVE Pomade and spread it evenly on palms. Apply on dry hair from back to front. Use comb or finger to style.

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Maklumat Harga

Kuantiti Diskaun Harga Remark
1 botol RM 0.00 RM 45.00 Sold Out
2 botol RM 5.00 RM 85.00


More Information  

Mensive    Mensive Hair Styling Pomade
•  Kelebihan Menyimpan Janggut
•  Kepala Botak ?
•  Cara Guna MBO secara efektif
•  Moustache and Beard Oil
•  Janggut Suami Mampu Tingkatkan Kesuburan Isteri
•  Cara Penggunaan


Mensive Hair Styling Pomade - Photos  

Mensive    Mensive Hair Styling Pomade



Mensive    Mensive Hair Styling Pomade

Moustache & Beard Oil_10407647_350985115076379_83.jpg

Testi MBO - recomended

Moustache & Beard Oil_10561659_350471571794400_28.png

Testi MBO

Moustache & Beard Oil_10410584_350468261794731_29.jpg

Testi MBO

Malaya Beard Oil_testi_mbo2.gif


Malaya Beard Oil_testi_mbo1.gif

Sebelum & Selepas

Malaya Beard Oil_10685335_322467274594830_31.jpg

Malaya Beard Oil_10676132_324837307691160_51.jpg

Tebal & smooth

Malaya Beard Oil_10665862_325976604243897_83.jpg

Sebelum & Selepas

Malaya Beard Oil_10629613_308601982648026_20.jpg

terbukti !

Malaya Beard Oil_10628689_309108995930658_91.jpg


Malaya Beard Oil_10628588_317489861759238_42.jpg

Ada Perubahan

Malaya Beard Oil_10615370_317446788430212_12.jpg

Sebelum & Selepas

Malaya Beard Oil_10614229_307286699446221_12.jpg

Dah nampak lebat

Malaya Beard Oil_10612776_330619987112892_45.jpg

Feedback baik

Malaya Beard Oil_10609642_324837291024495_84.jpg


Malaya Beard Oil_10606070_308276086013949_84.jpg

Ada Tumbuh Jambang

Malaya Beard Oil_10599360_306421789532712_49.jpg

Selepas 1 Mggu

Malaya Beard Oil_10580142_315253108649580_43.jpg

Tumbuh anak rambut

Malaya Beard Oil_10579396_724208710959530_20.jpg

Sebelum & Selepas

Malaya Beard Oil_10565071_308276076013950_18.jpg

Kena Trim

Malaya Beard Oil_10548313_308352476006310_39.jpg

Bulu Halus Timbul

Malaya Beard Oil_10527518_296308033877421_20.jpg

Selepas 2 bulan Guna

Malaya Beard Oil_10446678_307286669446224_41.jpg

Bermaya & Berkilat

Malaya Beard Oil_10441338_278476359021123_50.jpg


Malaya Beard Oil_10426218_330619970446227_12.jpg

Makin Lebat

Malaya Beard Oil_10410356_307286636112894_39.jpg

Lebat, Sihat & Berkilat

Malaya Beard Oil_10401487_294633514044873_82.jpg


Malaya Beard Oil_10256244_330620017112889_53.jpg

Janggut Makin Lebat

Malaya Beard Oil_1959989_332512856923605_128.jpg

Selepas Sebulan Guna

Malaya Beard Oil_1798325_332210900287134_194.jpg

Lembut & Tebal

Malaya Beard Oil_1535429_325976687577222_835.jpg

Selepas 2 Minggu

Malaya Beard Oil_10388583_308276079347283_92.jpg

Selepas 2 mgguu

Malaya Beard Oil_10354239_297387873769437_60.jpg

Sebelum & Selepas

Mensive    Mensive Hair Styling Pomade

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  sms/whatsApp POMADE ke +6013-9512445


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