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Baby Carrier Sling : Portable, Comfortable and Breathable  

Baby Carrier    Baby Carrier Sling : Portable, Comfortable and Breathable
    RM 30.00/              

great way to carrying baby, keep kids close and safe at hands, in
crowds, or during family outings. Convenient for you to take care of
baby when go shopping, travelling, walking or other outdoor activities.
It is also can used inside car as a baby seat cushion. Portable,
Breathable, Folding, really Practical!


  • Brand:
  • Type:
    Backpacks & Carriers
  • Strap
    Style: Shoulders
  • Carriers
    Type: Front Facing, Face-to-Face, Back Carry
  • Strap
    Style: Shoulders
  • Color:
    Red, Navy Blue, Dark Blue, Green, Orange
  • Material: Cotton, Nylon, Plastic buckle
  • Carry
    your baby in a safe, secure cradle while keeping your hands free
  • Comfortable
    padded straps
  • Recision
    focusing system
  • Super
    clear built-in wide-angle vision goggles
  • baby can sit facing in or out
  • easy to get baby in and out with unique, adjustable side openings
  • adjustable hardware ensures proper strap positioning for ideal weight
  • head support moves up or down for best (age appropriate) baby posture
  • fine fabric, advanced hardware, superior design, superb construction for
    you and baby


  • Load
    Bearing: 12 kg
  • Age
    Range: 2-12 months
  • Unit
    Type: piece
  • Package
  • Package
    Size: 16cm x 6cm x 6cm
  • OPP


  • 1
    x Safety Comfortable Baby Carrier Sling


Maklumat Harga

Kuantiti Diskaun Harga Remark

RM 30.00/



Baby Carrier Sling : Portable, Comfortable and Breathable - Photos  

Baby Carrier    Baby Carrier Sling : Portable, Comfortable and Breathable



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